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Dixie Power is proud to be the primary sponsor of the Kite Festival for the 26th consecutive year.  The Kite Festival has been a great community event that has involved thousands of participants and has benefited tens of thousands of youth through the associated reading program.  The employees of Dixie Power collectively donate a great deal of time to the Kite Festival and view it as a means of giving something back to the community.  We appreciate the large number of sponsors, the many volunteers, and the steering committee for their dedicated support of the Kite Festival.

Dixie Power operates as a distribution electric cooperative.  All co-ops are businesses with open and voluntary membership.  The owners, users, and controllers are one and the same.  Co-op members are allowed a voice through the election of members who serve on the Board of Directors.  Margins or profits that remain over and above the cost of actually delivering the service are allocated back to the members of Dixie Power.  These allocated margins (called “patronage capital” or “capital credits”) are returned to the patrons who provided the capital when the Board of Directors determines it is financially feasible.

Dixie Power provides safe, reliable electric utility services to 33,000 meters in Southern Utah, and Northern Arizona.  Dixie Power is headquartered in Beryl, north of St. George, but also has an office in Bloomington.  The mission of Dixie Power is to endorse cooperative core values of integrity, accountability, innovation, and commitment to community, to provide our members with safe, reliable, affordable and equitable energy and related services empowering the members and the communities we serve to succeed and thrive in a volatile economic environment.

Dixie Power is part of a large network of organizations that build strength and viability. These entities include Deseret Power, the Cooperative Finance Corporation, Utah Rural Electric Association, and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.  Deseret Power is owned by and supplies wholesale power to six electric cooperatives including Dixie Power.  Deseret Power owns the coal mine and railroad system that supplies coal to the power plant.  As a result, wholesale supply rates for Dixie Power remain very stable.  Dixie Power has been a very active participant and supporter in the communities that it serves.  Dixie Power contributes several thousands of dollars in property taxes and sales taxes each year that help to sustain and build the community and local schools.  Dixie Power also contributes energy/franchise taxes to the cities in which it operates.  Dixie Power has supported the Washington County Economic Development Council, Habitat for Humanity, Geothermal Heat Pumps in local schools, and an annual Youth Leadership Training Program.

Dixie Power has also been involved in economic development in the area for many years, including the development of the Fort Pierce Industrial Park.  Dixie Power partnered with the City of St. George, the State School, and Institutional Trust Lands, and a private developer in the mid-1990’s, to turn raw ground south of St. George into a thriving business and industrial park.

Because Dixie Power is a cooperative, it does things a little differently than other utilities.  For example, it does not generate money to keep stockholders happy; members of the co-op just want to warm their homes and turn the lights on when it gets dark, the same as you.  As a result, Dixie Power does not inflate electrical costs.  Dixie Power co-op members get electricity at the lowest possible rate, with the highest levels of service.  In fact, Dixie Power has some of the lowest electric rates in the entire State and Region for that matter.

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LaDel Laub -

Dixie Power President / CEO

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