The Dixie Power Kite Festival is designed to promote reading as a habit and encourage students to engage in family-oriented physical activity. Qualifying students earn a high-quality kite, book, or $10 voucher/ticket for their reading efforts. Also, contributions are made to the Washington County School Foundation for distribution to schools most actively involved in the kite festival based on attendance.


2019 Reading Guide:

Students are given the challenge to read at home based upon the guidelines for their grade level to earn a free kite or book from the Dixie Power Kite Festival.

Instructions: Reading is to be completed at home, January 8, 2019 – April 13, 2019, with a parent or guardian signing off each day, based upon the following guidelines for your grade level:

Kindergarten and First Grade – 650 Minutes total (50 minutes per week minimum)

Second and Third Grade – 975 Minutes total (75 minutes per week minimum)

Fourth and Fifth Grade – 1300 Minutes total (100 minutes per week minimum)

Reading can be done any day during the week as long as the per-week reading minimum is achieved.

How to Receive Your Free Kite or Book:

Students can bring their completed Home Reading Chart, signed by a parent or guardian, to the Dixie Power Kite Festival, Saturday, April 13, 2018 at Dixie State University Encampment Mall, St. George. Kite/Book Redemption opens at 10:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm.

Washington County School District Students who turn in their reading charts at the Festival will also be eligible for drawings for a random drawing at their school for a Kindle E-Reader or Laser Mania Passes. In addition to the above awards, the class that turns in the most reading charts from the student’s school will be rewarded Pizza Factory coupons, and the 2nd place class will receive a Meadow Gold Ice Cream Party. Winners will be notified within 30 days following the Kite Festival.

Lost Your Reading Chart?

Don’t worry! Your school office has extra copies they can give you. If they run out, ask them to contact us and we’ll send them more. Don’t let a lost reading chart stop you from claiming your free kite or book!

Have fun reading!