• Kite Festival’s NEW location at Dixie State University Encampment Mall
  • Bring your own lawn chairs and shade to watch kite flying and the entertainment.
  • The exact agenda and schedule may vary due to weather and other factors.
  • With the exception of concessions and some children’s activities, all events, including parking, entrance and entertainment, are fee.
  • There will be an ATM at the Kite Festival.
  • There are “Free” Children Games and $1 to $4 fees for children’s activities including bouncy toys, climbing wall, small train and water activities. (Remember to bring a towel and extra clothes for the water games.)
  • There is plenty of food available at the Festival at reasonable prices.
  • No Pets – No Smoking – No Alcoholic Drinks – The Kite Festival is a family event.
  • You may bring your own kites to fly in a designated area.