Jarett Waite - Kite Festival Director

Jarett Waite, Director


It’s time once again for the Dixie Power Kite Festival and we’re very excited to announce our new location – the Dixie State Encampment Mall! We’re thrilled to move the Festival to the middle of St. George and our partnership with Dixie State meshes extremely well with one of the Festival’s main goals – to promote reading. We hope that inviting families onto campus will inspire children to set goals for learning and higher education.

Moving the Festival also means no more shuttles! Dixie State has given us the go ahead to allow our attendees to use any parking lot on campus. I know my kids will be a little sad to not have the buses this year, but the convenience of parking and walking a few hundred feet to the Festival will make everything much more convenient.

We’ll continue offering three options for prizes that children can receive for turning in their reading charts – a very nice kite, a quality book, or 10 tickets to the bounce houses. We noticed long lines at certain times last year in the bounce houses, so we have asked them to bring more! We’ll also have a booth where children will be able to use their tickets to buy an ice cream.

Our entertainment and vendors will be top-notch as usual. We have continued our focus to make the Festival a family-friendly and affordable event. We’re especially excited to announce our closing act at 6:00 p.m. – The Dixie’s Got Talent winners – Ayla Van Lehn, Haven Sunderland, Marlie Root, and Jordon and Liz Sharp. They’ll put on an amazing show!

The staff, faculty, and students of Dixie State have been amazing to work with. I have felt a renewed excitement in planning meetings with the addition of Dixie State as a partner. They have been very accommodating, and will have many students helping on the day of the Festival. A big thank you goes to Dixie State!

I also want to thank everyone on the planning committee and all of the volunteers for all of their hard work. I’m very grateful to everyone that pitches in. The employees of Dixie Power deserve a special shout out. They put an incredible amount of time and effort into the Festival. Thanks also goes to Sun River for hosting our Festival the past 16 years. They were an excellent host and thankfully they are still involved and support the Festival through planning and volunteers.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the Festival this year. See you there!